New website Pacific Shipyards

New website

We proudly present you our new website!

Within a few clicks you will find the modified design and structure and detailed information about the "custom-built" yachts, which Pacific Shipyards builds in its own shipyard.

Pacific Shipyard is an experienced, dynamic shipyard where top quality, customisation and distinction all go hand in hand. The styling of the interior and exterior is carried out entirely ‘in house’. This enables us to create top class yachts for those who want freedom on the water. Experience Italian refinements and feel Dutch quality and common-sense. And share our passion for sailing.

We build four series of luxury, seagoing steel yachts measuring between 16 and 26 metres long: Allure, Pearl, Pearl Flybridge, Pacific P and, our showpiece, the Pacific S. The lines of the Pearl, Pacific P and Pacific S reveal the rare, (inter)national class of this series. With regard to design, equipment and quality, these yachts blend seamlessly with mini-sized super-yachts. Each and every one of the boats are exceptional and the variety guarantees that they always managed to impress.

The technical equipment on board is state of the art. We take great care of the installations and ensure maintenance is user-friendly. The helm is spacious and all on-board functions can easily be monitored and controlled. In the engine room you will find pure power and adaptability. The engine is fitted in its own, easily accessible area, at standing height. With excellent thermal and acoustic insulation and maximum fire-safety.

We have one thing in common with our customers: a passion for sailing at the highest level. We understand the art of yacht building like no other. Innovation is, therefore, one of our highest priorities. We are always challenging ourselves to continue to build new, modernised yachts. Modernisations that go further than just details. Constructive innovations and yacht concepts that are initiated and developed by us.

Want to know more about a particular ship, after reading the information on the website, we invite you to contact owner / director Bas van Pelt. He can give you all the information about the ships. You can also send an email by filling in the form available under "contact".